A राजमाता जिजाऊ दहा ओळींचे इंग्रजी भाषण निबंध | rajmata jijau ten line essay speech in english

Hello, various birth anniversary programs are celebrated in schools and colleges. If we see in recent times, many parents try hard to make their children participate in various competitions held in school. January 12 is the birth anniversary of Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekananda. Rajmata Jijau Jayanti and Swami Vivekananda Jayanti are celebrated with great pomp to salute the work of both these great personalities. या दोन महान व्यक्तींना सलामी.

In this Jayanti, we are going to guide the students about short but sweet speech and essay in english. very few words through today’s Rajmata Jijau Ten Line Speech Essay in english. Although Rajmata Jijau has ten lines of speech and essay, we can understand the events of her entire life from these ten sentences or lines. So let’s see rajmata daha oli English bhashan nibandh from today’s article.

राजमाता जिजाऊ दहा ओळींचे इंग्रजी भाषण निबंध
राजमाता जिजाऊ दहा ओळींचे इंग्रजी भाषण निबंध

राजमाता जिजाऊ निबंध व भाषण तयारी कशी करावी |How To Prepare Rajmata Jijau Ten Line Essay And Speech in english | rajmata jajau daha oli nibandh tayari Kashi karavi

While you are preparing for this component Rajmata Jijau Essay you have to record the important events in her life beforehand. If you have to include important events in this essay, excluding ordinary events, then your essay will be weighty. In the same way, when Rajmata Jijau is preparing a ten line speech, the words you choose should be full of emotion to make your speech effective. But Rajmata Jijau’s  ten -line speech will be listened to by the audience with great interest. The point of this comment is that when we have a huge source of information in front of us, it is very important to give accurate information to the readers and listeners. After watching the speeches and essays that we are giving you about Rajmata Jijabai, you will definitely get a different perspective. Keep these things in mind as you prepare for this ingredient. So you can also call celebrity speakers by giving short speeches in future. So let’s start with our main topic 


राजमाता जिजाऊ इंग्रजी निबंध व भाषण |Rajmata Jijau Ten Lines english Speech Essay | rajmata jijau daha Oli English bhashan nibandh


While giving a speech about Rajmata Jijau. first of all, one should start the speech attractively by guessing who are the people in front of the platform and the platforms. such as

Hello! Today 12 January is the birthday of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Matoshree Rajmata Jijau. To the dignitaries present here to celebrate Rajmata Jijau Jayanti, my student friends and friends as well as to the parents, first of all Happy Rajmata Jijau Jayanti! I am presenting my short commentary on Rajmata Jijau before you, I request you to listen to this commentary calmly! (Such a catchy start)


Rajmata Jijau Ten Line Speech and Essay | rajmata jijau ten line English speech and essay

1. Rajmata Jijau was born on 12 January 1598 at Sindkhed in Buldhana district.


2. Rajmata Jijau was married to Shahajiraje Bhosale when she was very young.


3. When her husband Shahji Raja was on various missions, Rajmata Jijau was in charge of Shahji Raja’s Jahangiris.


4. Rajmata Jijau did the work of rites on her son Shivba while looking after the affairs of Jahangiri in Pune.


5. She always gave inspiration to Shivaji Maharaj that Hindu Swarajya should be created like our Ram Rajya.


6. We see many qualities in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, but somewhere those qualities seem to have come from the teachings of Rajmata Jijau. Rajamata Jijau also had the plan to kill Afzal Khan by talking to him at the foot of Pratapgad.


7. Rajmata Jijau was very brave. Shahistekhan came to Hindavi Swarajya while Shivaji Maharaj was busy with the campaign and the entire Swarajya was on Rajmata Jijau.


8. Rajmata Jijau was very amiable and Tanaji Malusare herself was present for Rayaba’s marriage after the tasks of Swarajya were completed.


9. If we talk about Rajmata Jijabai


To create Hindu Swaraj


The queen who never looked back


In the form of Shiva, he poured out his grief


10. Crores of salutations to such a great mighty Rajmate on his birth anniversary.


Having said this I end my Rajmata Jijau very short speech Jai Hind !Jai Maharashtra.


In this way, you can effectively deliver a Rajmata Jijau ten line speech and you can also write a Rajmata Jijau ten line essay for a small group very nicely based on the above sentences.


Be sure to let us know how you feel about our today’s rajmata jijau daha Oli English bhashan nibandh written for small farmers.

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