11th Online Admission Process 2023 24 Doubts Solution

11th Online Admission Process 2023 24. At the very beginning of this process students have done their registration. Then you fill in the Part 1 which is basic information about the admission process and then fill the option form regarding which college you want to join. The college allotment was announced on 21 June 2023. In other words, the college list was announced. In fact, from the beginning we have been telling you not to rush in any way regarding the 11th online admission process, filling the option form, but many students or some due to lack of proper guidance, they have made some mistakes and now they have only one question what should I do now? That’s why in today’s 11th online admission process doubt solving session you will get answers to all your questions

11th Online Admission Process 2023 24 Doubts Solution
11th Online Admission Process 2023 24 Doubts Solution

11th Admission 2023 24 Doubts Solution

1. I had selected science branch in first round of 11th admission process now can I apply for commerce in second round?

yes You can change your branch in any round/round of the admission process.

2. What should I do if I have got the number 1 college in the option form I have filled and I don’t want admission in that college?

In the 11th online admission process students who have met the number one college in the filled option form means that the students wanted to get 100% admission in that college so they have ranked it first. But still many students take the stance that even after getting the number one college, I don’t want to take it. These students should keep in mind that if you don’t get admission in that college after getting number one college, you will be detained in the next round of 11th admission process. goes There are three rounds of eleventh admission i.e. three rounds. You will not be able to apply for the second round. But you were eligible to apply for the third round. That is why students need to fill the option form very carefully.

3. What should I do if I am getting the third ranked college in the option college I have applied for, but I don’t want admission in that college?

If you don’t want that college then you have to participate in the second round of 11th admission process and check the college cut off and fill your option form properly.

4. I am 10th ATKT ie I missed two subjects. I want to take 11th online admission can I take it?

yes Students who have failed in at least two subjects in 10th can take admission in 11th but they can’t participate in the process till the first three rounds of 11th admission but after the 4th special round starts but you can apply for it

5. Will I get that chance now that my Part 1 has been delayed due to some reason?

Yes. Students who have not filled the registration and part one till now. Such students have got an opportunity to register and fill part 1.

6. When will the second round of 11th online admission process start?

Second round of 11th admission process will start normally in five to six days.

7. Can I change the options i.e. preference order filled during the first round during the second round?

Many students have a question that I have filled the option form in the first round. Now if I don’t want admission in a particular college, then can I fill the option form again? Such students can re-unlock their option form and give fresh order of preference.

8. What if I do not make any changes in the option form during the second round?

Nothing will happen. Your same option form will be considered for the second round.

9. Can I change my order of preference during each round of 11th admission?

Yes.You can change your option form during every round of 11th admission.10. What are the reasons why I may not get any college during the first round?

What is the last year cut off of that college when you are filling the option form? Without looking at them, the colleges may have been dropped anyway, so you may not have got the college in the first round.

11. How to choose the right colleges for you at the time of 11th admission?

Many students don’t understand which college to choose for themselves while filling the 11th online admission process form. In such a case, after going to the website of the 11th admission process, students have to go to the know your eligibility tab and see if they are eligible to fill the form for that college.

  12. What do I have to do if I want to get admission in the same college as I have met in the first round?

First of all you have to visit the 11th admission website and click on proceed for admission.

13. What documents need to be submitted to the college at the time of admission to class 11?

At the time of 11th admission you have to submit your admission form and school leaving certificate to the college. At the same time, if you are availing the reservation, you should submit the photocopies of the relevant documents i.e. xerox to the college.

14. I got the college in the first list but I have not yet uploaded the documents online what should I do?

If you have got a college in the first round and you are going to that college in two days for admission then you should upload all the documents mentioned in upload document before going for admission.

15. What if I get admission in a college and cancel it again?

Suppose you got admission in the first round and you cancel it but you will be barred for one subsequent round i.e. you will not be able to fill the option form for the second round.

16. What to do if the college you meet has to take online admission?

After knowing the allotted college, if you want to take admission in that place, you have to click on process for admission and visit the respective college within the given time frame.

17. How much time is given to the students who appear in the first round in XI online admission 2023 24 to go for college admission?

Only four days have been given to the students taking admission for the first round, these students are required to take admission from 21st June to 24th June.

18. Can I get direct admission to the college if I have not filled the 11th online admission form?

No. Because you can go for direct admission to a college only if you participate in 11th online admission process only means participation in online admission process is compulsor

19. What should I do if I have non cremelayer condition for 11th admission but it is unlikely to clear?

Those students who feel that for any reason they are not going to meet a non-crimelayer should fill the form from the open category. For SC and STI students, no non-creamy layer is required.

20. I have a non cremelayer receipt, how much time will I be given to submit the original document?

Students who now have only receipt of non-crimelier and not original certificate will be given a period of three months if the students do not submit the non-freemeer certificate within this period, such students are admitted healthily.

21. It is not possible to get the caste certificate within the prescribed time what to do?

Such children should submit their application anew preferably from open i.e. open group.

22. After the three regular rounds of 11th admission there is a special round What is different about it?

There are three regular rounds of 11th admission in which the marks of the students are considered along with reservation whereas in the special round admission is given only on the basis of the marks obtained by the students without considering any reservation.

23. Is it mandatory to upload documents online for 11th admission?

yes Students are required to upload all the relevant documents by going to the upload document tab on the 11th admission website beo

Forere taking admission in the college.

24. Do children from outside Maharashtra get the benefit of reservation?

No. To avail any reserva

tion the candidate should be a resident of Maharashtra and all relevant documents should be of Maharashtra Govt.

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