11th Online Admission 2023 24 First List Released

The process of 11th online entrance exam 2023 24 has started and till now students have registered and filled the part one and part 2 properly and their form is locked and now students are waiting, when will the first list of 11th online entrance be announced? Which college will we get? Everyone is curious about it. At the same time, after the announcement of this list, which colleges did we meet? There are many questions in the minds of the students that how do we check 11th Online Admission 2023 24 First List Released decleard. 

11th Online Admission First List

The first round allotment will be announced on 21 June 2023. The schedule is also mentioned as this allotment will be announced at 10 AM on the official website of the 11th admission process.

Eleventh official website

The official website https://11thadmission.org.in/ has been selected for the complete process of 11th Online Admission 2023 24 and till now you have filled the registration part 1and part 2 on its official website. Some students who due to some reasons could not fill their registration and part one and due to non-filling of part one they could not fill part 2 also after the completion of the first round of 11th online admission process this admission process will be open for all but the students will immediately fill the 11th admission process part one. want to fill.

11th Admission Registration and fill in Part 1

After clicking on the blue letters above, the students who have not filled part one till now, the complete information will be available at that place.

Fill 11th Online Admission 202324 Part 2

Students have to select minimum 1 and maximum 10 colleges in Part 2 of online admission. At the same time, in which medium we want to study. It is also to be filled in this part two then students who have not filled part two till now after watching demo given below should fill part two.

Now let’s turn to our main topic that is which college students got for the first round of 11th online admission process? The list has been published online. Let us see step by step how to view that list.

Check out which colleges have got 11th online admission

The mobile number you provided while filling your form in the 11th online admission process. Which college did you get after the result declaration on that mobile number? A message will appear regarding this. But often there are some technical problems but sometimes we don’t even get that message so we are telling you how to check which college you have got online.

1. Going to the 11th admission website

First of all students have to visit the official website of 11th online admission.Select your region

2. Log in

For 11th online admission process you have to login by entering the login id and password which you have received

3.Click on the three horizontal lines

After you login you will see three horizontal lines at the top of the screen as shown in the photo below after clicking on the horizontal lines a dashboard will open on the left side of your screen.

2023 24 अकरावी प्रवेश पहिली यादी जाहीर


4. Check allotment status

After going to the top of the left side dashboard you have to click on the status tab at that point. After clicking on it, if you have a college, you will see the name and address of that college. And if you don’t get the name from the given college then you will be given a chance to fill the option form again for others.11th admission questions in your mind

1.11 What is the help line number in case of any problem in the admission process?

If you face any problem during 11th admission, contact the helpline number given below


Eleventh help line number 09823009841

If you face any problem regarding admission contact above 11th helpline number.

2. Can students change the order of preference at the time of second listing in the admission process?

In the 11th admission process suppose a student did not get admission in the first round, and he wants to take admission in the second round. At that time the preference can be changed in the preference order given earlier in the eleventh admission at each round. Students can change it and take admission in the second round.

3. What is the eleventh admission special round?

After the three rounds of eleventh admission there is a fourth round called special round. The special feature of this fourth round is that no reservation is considered in this round. It is open to all so that all the students get admission is the motive behind this round.

4. Is online application required for 11th pass admission?

It is mandatory to fill the online application form while taking part in the 11th admission process. Whether you are taking advantage of any reserved quota, no matter which school you are taking admission in, you need to apply properly.

5. What happens if I don’t get admission in the first choice college for 11th entrance?

If you don’t get admission in 11th online admission process with first rank college, then you will not be able to participate in one round after that. But you can fill the option form again in the third round later. click

6. In 11th admission, what happens if you don’t get admission in the preferred college from 2nd to 10th?

Students who will not suffer any loss will have an opportunity to fill the option form again in the second round.

7. Can the students who have not yet filled Part 1 participate in 11th online admission?

  Children who have not yet filled the form can take 11th admission at any time of round. Opportunity to fill part 1 is given after completion of each round.

8. Can option forms be filled at each round? Or can it be changed?

11th admission process consists of 3 regular rounds.You can change the admission process before that phase starts and also change the order of option preference in every round.

9.When will round of 11th online admission ATKT /failed boys be held?

After the regular 3 rounds of 11th online admission there will be a special round followed by a special round for ATKT.

10 If a child fills the preference list in the first round but does not get admission in the first round, which preferences will be considered for the second round?

In that case only the order of preference filled in the first round will be considered.

11. If a student cancels the admission, can he participate in the subsequent round?

If one takes admission and cancels it, then one cannot participate in the next round, but he can fill the form in the next round.

12. What to do to confirm your 11th online admission?

Go to the 11th admission portal and click on PROCEED FOR ADMISSION and visit that college with the documents within the prescribed time.

13. What to do after getting the college after giving preference?

Go to eleventh online website and upload your remaining documents.Also visit the college with original documents.

14. What should be done if a person belongs to one caste and it is not possible to get the certificate?

If there is such difficulty then those children should apply for admission from open group.

15. What will happen if you do not take admission within the allotted time?

Your entry will be cancelled.

16. Will children from outside Maharashtra get the benefit of caste reservation?

No, you need to be a resident of Maharashtra state to avail the reservation. a

However, students should take their admission at the earliest. Join our wtp group for more information.

11th Admission Process 2023 24 Whatsapp Group 11th Admission Process 2023 24 Whatsapp Group

You click on the link given below and you will instantly join the 11th entrance guidance group and all the information you need will be provided in time.

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