11th online admission 2023 24 what to do now

 This article answers all the questions that the students have in the entire process of 11th admission online admission 2023 24. What to do if there is any problem? What to do now while taking 11th admission? This article has tried to clear all the doubts.11th online admission 2023 24 what to do now?

 As soon as the 11th admission process starts, many kids get calls. Sir, I want to take admission early, what should I do now? Sir my number got but not friend’s number what should i do now? I don’t want a certain college? What should I do now? My form is filled in wrongly? what should i do now?i still not registered?i could not fill part 1 for first round now when can i fill it ?i am atkt maja when to fill the form ? Aksharksha spends a lot of time answering those questions and their answers, so by recording all those questions in my diary, these doubts belong to the children who are in the online process of all over Maharashtra and to reduce the stress of the children, today’s article is in the form of questions and answer.
11th online admission 2023 24  what to do now?
11th online admission 2023 24  what to do now?

11th admission what to do now?

Every problem faced by children in class 11th admission is given in question and answer form. So let’s do the eleventh admission now? Let’s explore this answer…

1. 11th Admission Process 2023 24 What are web portal means website?

Each region i.e. department wise portal i.e. website has been provided for 11th online admission process.

https://11thadmission.org.in/  main website 

2. What is the help line number in case of any problem in 11th admission process?

If you face any problem during 11th admission, contact the helpline number given below.

Eleventh help line number  09823009841

If you face any problem regarding admission contact above 11th helpline number.

3. Which branch to take, which course to take while taking admission in 11th? Where to get guidance in this regard?

Which branch should you choose while taking 11th admission? , which diploma to do? What is your field of interest? To know this visit Maha Career Portal and get free advice. Mahacareer Portal Websit

4. Who conducts the 11th admission process.

The eleventh admission process is conducted under the control of the Divisional Deputy Director.

 5. Which is the main website for 11th admission?

For 11th admission, departmental portals are given. Along with this, a main portal is given. You should confirm your admission by visiting the 11th website https://11thadmission.org.in/.

6. How to receive 11th admission notification?

If kids get online admission in 11th then you get SMS.

 7. What is Management Quota?

The institution which has set up the college x, so that institution has the right to fill some seats in the total admission is called manager quota. Under the management quota, the organization is entitled to fill up 5 percent of the seats.

8. What is minority quota?

What is Minority Quota means the institution through which the minority college is run. Seats are reserved for minority students in that school. In minority colleges, 50 percent seats are reserved on the basis of religious or linguistic community.

9. What is in house quota?

A school in which after completing education upto 10th standard admission to 11th is available in the same place is called in house quota. 10 percent seats are filled from in house quota.

1o. What is zero round?

At the time of 11th admission a general list is published before the commencement of 11th admission. It is called zero round. There is no admission in this round but the final merit list is published only after asking the objections of the students. It is necessary to see the zero round so that the students understand their rank in the general list.

11. Can students change the order of preference at the time of second listing in the admission process?

In the 11th admission process suppose a student did not get admission in the first round, and he wants to take admission in the second round. At that time the preference can be changed in the preference order given earlier in the eleventh admission at each round. Students can change it and take admission in the second round.

12. What is the eleventh admission special round?

After the three rounds of eleventh admission there is a fourth round called special round. The special feature of this fourth round is that no reservation is considered in this round. It is open to all so that all the students get admission is the motive behind this round.

14. What are the factors considered in the first three rounds of 11th admission?

In the 11th online admission process, the merit reservation of the students and the order of preference given by them are all considered in the first, second and third rounds.

15. Is 11th Admission Online Application Necessary?

It is mandatory to fill the online application form while taking part in the 11th admission process. Whether you are taking advantage of any reserved quota, no matter which school you are taking admission in, you need to apply properly.

16. Which students are eligible for minority colleges?

Religious minorities such as Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis can take advantage of this to get minority admission. Also, some linguistic minority students are eligible to take advantage of minority quota.

 17. What is in house quota?

Where there is a facility to study 11th and 12th after 10th, it is called in house quota. It is 10 percent.


18. What is HSVC?

HSVC is a branch that offers vocational education like Arts, Commerce and Science.

 19. What is bifocal courses?

Bifocal courses means taking a professional subject of 200 marks while studying in Arts, Commerce or Science.

20. What percentage reservation is given for which caste in 11th online?

  Scheduled Caste SC 13 percent

  Scheduled Tribe ST 7 percent

  V. J. A 3 percent

  NT B 2.5 percent

  NT C 3.5 percent

  OBCs 19 percent

Economically weaker 10 percent

  Open /open 38 percent

Caste wise reservation has been given in this way.

21. What is the percentage of reservation for women in 11th online?

30 percent seats are reserved for women in 11 online admissions.

22. What percentage of seats are reserved for orphans in 11th online?

1 percent seats are reserved for orphans in 11 Online.

23. What percentage of seats are reserved for 11th admission project victims, earthquake victims?

5 percent seats are reserved for project victims and earthquake victims.

24. What percentage of seats are reserved for boys taking technical for HSVC?

HSVC has 25 percent reservation for students taking vocational skills in 10th year.

25. What will happen if I don’t get admission in the first choice college for 11th entrance?

If you don’t get admission in 11th online admission process with first rank college, then you will not be able to participate in one round after that. But you can fill the option form again in the third round later. 

26.What will happen if I don’t get admission in the college from preference order 2 to 10 in 11th admission?

Students who will not suffer any loss will have an opportunity to fill the option form again in the second round.

27. Can students who have not yet filled Part 1 participate in 11th online admission?

  Children who have not yet filled the form can take 11th admission at any time of round. Opportunity to fill part 1 is given after completion of each round.

28. Can option forms be filled at each round? Or can it be changed?

11th admission process consists of 3 regular rounds.You can change the admission process before that phase starts and also change the order of option preference in every round.

29.When will round of 11th online admission ATKT /failed boys take place?

After the regular 3 rounds of 11th online admission there will be a special round followed by a special round for ATKT.

30 If a child fills the preference list in the first round but does not get admission in the first round, which preferences will be considered for the second round?

In that case only the order of preference filled in the first round will be considered.

31. If a student cancels the admission, can he participate in the subsequent round?

If one takes admission and cancels it, then one cannot participate in the next round, but he can fill the form in the next round.

32. Can I participate in the next round if I am denied admission due to a mistake in the application?

If you are denied admission in the 11th online process due to any mistake in the application, you will not be able to participate in the next round. You have to amend that application and participate anew.

33. What to do to confirm your 11th online admission?

Go to the 11th admission portal and click on PROCEED FOR ADMISSION and visit that college with the documents within the prescribed time.

34. What to do after getting the college after giving preference?

Go to eleventh online website and upload your remaining documents.Also visit the college with original documents.

35. What are the documents to carry for Class XI admission?

While going for 11th admission, you have to carry original certificates and xerox copies of the admit card printout, school leaving certificate, 10th result and caste certificate if you have added the caste certificate while filling the form and claimed for other reservation.

 36. What will happen if you don’t go within the given time to take 11th admission?

If this happens, your entry will automatically be canceled and you will have to register a fresh order of preference and participate in the next round.


37. What should be done if someone belongs to one caste and it is not possible to get the certificate?

If there is such difficulty then those children should apply for admission from open group.


38.Preferences you fill Suppose you get second or third rank college but what if you don’t want it?

If such students don’t get your desired first preference i.e. number one college, if you don’t want second or third number college then you can change your preference order at the time of next i.e. second admission. There are also suggestions on the website where students should enter the codes of the same colleges in which they are interested in taking admission.


39. What is Special Reservation for Class XI Admission?

It includes reservations other than social reservation.


40. For whom is the Non-crimelier Certificate?

It is mandatory for SC and ST candidates.other catogary need  availing social reservation.


41. What will happen if you don’t give non-crimelier at the time of admission?

Your access will be denied.


42. What should be done if the non-crimelier does not come out?

Unlock your form and fill it from open.


43. What will happen if you do not take admission within the given time?

Your entry will be cancelled.


44. Will children outside Maharashtra get the benefit of caste reservation?

No, you need to be a resident of Maharashtra state to avail the reservation.


45. What will happen if the caste certificate is not submitted at the time of 11th admission?

Your entry will be cancelled


46. Why check 11th admission cut off?

By looking at it we know whether we will get admission in x college or not.


47. Do you want to skip 11th admission process and do iti etc.?

Long out of this system.


48. 11th Admission How to know which college you are eligible for?

You have to see know your eligibility for that?


49. How to correct in eleventh part one?

Unlock your online form within the prescribed time and complete the process.


50. What is the difference between the eleventh entrance special round?

Admission in this round is given on the basis of marks without benefit of any reservation.


In this way these 50 questions are very important. Apart from this, if you have any query, please comment and we will answer you.

We must have got answers to many questions from what to do now for 11th admission.


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