11th Online Admission 2023 24 10 Biggest Mistakes in First Round

For the 1st round 11th online admission 2023 24, students have done their registration and filled the part 1. then in the part 2 they also filled the option form of the colleges they want to take admission in, but while doing this most of the students have made 10 big mistakes. That if the students had not avoided those mistakes, they might have got the college they wanted in the first round. That’s why in today’s articles we are going to see 10 BIG MISTAKES made by many students in the first round of 11th entrance round



1.Ignore Timetable of 11th Online Admission 2023 24

Regarding the 11th online admission 2023 24 process, the complete schedule for the first round of 11th admission was announced on the website, but many students did not understand the schedule properly. He was ignored and many students were not able to complete their registration and Part 1. So some students were deprived of the first round of 11th admission.

 2. Not locking it after filling 11th entrance part 1 and 2

In the eleventh online admission process after your registration you have to lock it after filling the basic information part 1 completely and also after filling your option form in part 2 you have to lock it within the given period. In the first round of admission, some students did not get a chance to fill Part 2 as they did not LOCK Part 1 within the stipulated time. So many students filled their Part 2 but forgot to lock it. Such students were also deprived from the first round of admission.

 3. Non verification of form by school

It is very important for students who are benefiting from any special reservation or social reservation to get their form verified by the school after filling the part one of the 11th admission. Because many students didn’t know that if we don’t verify part one then we can’t fill part two. We hope that students do not make these mistakes in the newly-opened second round of 11th admission

 3. Confusion while choosing a branch

Since the 11th admission process is new to many students, what exactly do you want to take admission in Arts, Commerce or Science? There was confusion about this and that’s why after filling the form they wanted to go for commerce branch. Those students filled the form for science branch. Such confusion is caused by many students. For this, after knowing all these basic things, fill the form of the second ROUND properly.

 4. College Medium 

In which medium do you want to do 11th? Many students did not understand the meaning of this question. Some students took it to mean that what media were you in in class 10th? Mistakes were made by such students while choosing media. At this place we wanted to mention in which medium we want to learn Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu in 11th class. After the second round of 11th admission process starts, students have to unlock the part one they have filled and change it to the medium they want.

 5. Who is college for?

The college we are taking admission is the college only for boys or only for girls or CO EDUCATION for girls and girls. This part is also not understood by many students and it shows that mistakes are made by the students.

 6. Type of College and Fees

While filling the option form for 11th admission, many students find the college only convenient for them to visit. Just looked at one thing but what kind of college is it? Because the type of college determines how much the fee will be and many students had no idea about this. Understand the following types of colleges are generally used when students have to get admission due to higher fees of the respective college despite having good marks.

 1. Aided College

A college where he gets substantial subsidy from the government. Obviously, students have to pay less fees in such places.

 2. Unaided College

In such colleges where the college does not get any kind of financial assistance from the government, the students have to pay fees. Sometimes the government gives some amount of subsidy.

 3. Self Financing College

Such a college is a college where fees are available from the students and all the affairs of this college are run from those fees. The fees of this college are huge.

 4. Government College

This college is fully funded by the government, although the number of such colleges is obviously less, it charges very few students.

 While filling the 11th online form many students what type of college exactly? Didn’t see this. It is necessary to check all these aspects at least now when such students are participating in the second round.


7. Order in option form

Many students choose a college without looking at the type of college and while filling the option form, we want to list the most preferred college in the selected college, followed by the least preferred two in this order, the most preferred at the beginning and the least preferred at the end. The students did not apply properly, so after getting the name in the first list, many students thought that even after getting the number one college, students do not want to take admission in those colleges and this is wrong, so students should consider this matter while filling the option form in the second round of 11th admission. Enter the names of the same college. Understand that you are not required to pass only ten colleges but there is a condition that you should pass at least one.

 8. Not seeing college cut offs

Students have to fill their option form by considering all the marks obtained and last year’s cut off of that college as well as the type of college and the fee of the college. But students don’t take these things seriously.Obviously, because of this many students are not getting any college in the first round due to the fact that many students go for very reputed colleges or colleges with very high merit. Why did they not see the cut off of that college .Now before starting the second round you must see the first round cut off.

9. Non uploading of documents

After getting admission in the first round you need to upload all the documents online like Result Sheet, School Leaving Certificate, Undertaking, NCL Certificate (for those who are applicable) required for 11th admission. Students who have uploaded the documents so far should upload them immediately.


Students who have been admitted in the first round and want to take admission in that college should click on PROCEED FOR ADMISSION before going to online admission. But many students have made the mistake of clicking this button even if they don’t want to take admission in that college so students should not do this mistake again.

 अकरावी प्रवेश प्रक्रिया 2023 24 व्हॉट्स ॲप ग्रुप 11th Admission Process 2023 24 Whatsapp Group

आपण खाली दिलेल्या लिंक वर क्लिक करतात तात्काळ अकरावी प्रवेश मार्गदर्शनाच्या ग्रुप मध्ये जॉईन व्हाल आणि आपल्याला आवश्यक ती सर्व माहिती वेळच्यावेळी पुरवली

शैक्षणिक माहिती ग्रुप  👈क्लिक 

Guidance notes for setting preferences

1. While deciding the choice, take into account the previous cut off of that higher secondary school, marks obtained by you, desired branch, fee, medium, type of grant, optional subject taught, distance from residence, commuting facility, hostel facility, playground, etc. After considering all the factors, decide the order of preference.

 2. A student can be given a minimum of one and a maximum of ten higher secondary schools as per his choice for admission. Admission will be compulsory in case of first preference. (in regular rounds)

 3. First determine the branch and medium to decide the order of preference and then list the higher secondary schools that you think are suitable in the following list and decide the order carefully by taking the most suitable higher secondary school first and then register the order of preference online.

 4. Don’t include higher secondary schools in your preference list which you don’t want to take admission in.

 5.Each round is going to be independent as each round is allowed to change the order of preference. Check previous round cut off while deciding preference.

 6. For this, use the Know your Eligibility facility on the web portal.

 7. All the ten options need not be filled. If that is not possible, giving less than ten preferences will do.

 8. Branches in the same higher secondary school, considering the type of grant, have been assigned a separate code. So same school can have more than one depending on branch, grant type, medium so be careful while choosing college code.

 If all these precautions are taken while filling the option form, he can get whatever college he wants at the time of 11th admission.

 Summary of today’s article

11th online admission process at the time of first round, students have not taken any kind of precautions while filling last year college cut off college medium as well as option form so if they face problems during first round or some don’t get admission then students have to take necessary precautions and be ready to fill part 2.


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