11th Admission Process 2023 24 How to Check Your Rank in Final Merit List?

 Looking for 11th Admission Process 2023 24 By now you have done your student registration and filled part 1 after that 2, now you are wondering which college will we ge

 But that process still has time. A merit list is prepared in the 11th admission process before getting the list of colleges. This list gives you an idea of your number among the total number of children who have filled the form. This combined list is called Merit List. So today we are in the process of 11th Online Admission 2023 24 how to check our rank in the final merit list? We will see information about this. So let’s see the important information step by step.

Why check your rank in merit list for 11th admission?

After seeing the final merit list, what is your rank among the total number of students and what is the probability of getting your rank in the first round of 11th admission? We can make some guess about this. At the same time, how many seats are there in total this year? And what is your rank in merit list? From this also one can make some guess about the admission. So students need to check their rank in the final merit li


Provisional Merit in Merit List should be viewed as 

On the website of Akravi Online, two tags are given for the admission process namely Provisional Meri Status and Final Meri Status. With his help, we are in such a position. One can get some idea about this. In that view, students need to see how many ranks they are in the merit list.

How to Check Your Number in XIth Admission 2023 24 Merit List 


Do the following for this.

1. Login to the website on the eleventh website

  Students have to login to the official website https://11thadmission.org.in/ by visiting the next website for the 11th admission process

2. Make the mobile desk top view

You should view the mobile desktop after logging in to the eleventh online entry site.

How to Check Your Rank in Final Merit List?

 3. Clicking on the three horizontal lines in the right corner of the mobile

After going to the eleventh online admission website from Google Chrome, after logging in, click on these three lines on the right side above the three symbols on the right side.


अकरावी प्रवेश dash board


4. 11th Admission 2022 23 Go to Dashboard

A dash board will appear on the left side after clicking on the three horizontal lines. In that dashboard, in the Allotment Admission section, there is a number column by clicking on it to view the Provisional Merit Status.

5. How to Check Provisional Mary Status?

अकरावी प्रवेश provisinal मेरिट

After coming up on the dashboard, click on the place where check provisional merit status is written in English (see above photo) your complete information will be available there. That information will have your name, your caste, gender along with type of disability and merit number at the bottom left side. That merit number is to be recorded. We can make some guesses from that. That your number will be at what number or position. It will be understood from this.

6. Check Final Merit Status

In the allotment of the dashboard, in the two number column, click on Check Final Merit Status and the final status in this merit or merit list i.e. which number you are in this merit list. This information can be obtained, but also note that while calculating the list, all reservations are taken into consideration. But this combined quality means that we will know which rank we stand in the merit list.

फायनल मेरिट लिस्ट

How to check your provisional merit status and final merit status i.e. final merit list status through today’s article? Its information has been given. Based on this information will your number appear in the first list of 11th admission or not? Be sure to tell us how you think this information can help students.

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